About Us

S.I.N SelfCare CO. is a small black owned business based in Michigan. We are a married couple who believe that maintaining your mental and emotional health are the keys to a successful life. We strongly believe that "Selfcare Is Nonnegotiable (S.I.N)", and we pride ourselves in providing specially handcrafted products geared toward the selfcare for everyone. Let us be your guide to a better life and a better you. Remember "Selfcare Is Nonnegotiable" (S.I.N) Take care of yourself!!


To engage people in the importance and practice of selfcare. 


S.I.N SELFCARE CO. envisions a community were people learn how to take time for themselves. We understand that life is busy but your health and sanity is important as well. Through our handcrafted products, we hope to provide the essence of selfcare for all.